Science Centers and Laboratories

    Most of the rural schools lack even basic infrastructure that the urban schools are blessed with. The creative mind of the student is thus stymied. Recognising this limitation, Durga Devi CharitableTrust joined hands with Halo Medical Foundation, Anadur and Vidnyan Vahini, Pune to set up a Science Centre at Anadur near Solapur. Similarly, in partnership with ‘Grampabodhini’, a village level organization, a ‘Science Centre’ was created at Vill Salumbre about 32 kms frpm Pune off the Pune-Mumbai highway.

    The Science Communicators at the Centre demonstrate various experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology to the students who then utilize the lab facilities to conduct the experiments on their own. A monthly programme is made in advance and followed meticulously. The venture has proved to be a great boon to the rural students. On an average, 700 students from 30 to 35 schools utilize the facilities each month. Durga Devi Trust contributes for the yearly consumables and for the salaries of the science communicators.

The Trust sponsors various programmes conducted by the Centre for the students and science teachers:

  • Celebrating ‘Science Day’. Science oriented competitions for students (debates, elocution, model making, quiz etc)
  • Educational visits and workshops for teachers.
  • Educational visits for students.

We have established science laboratories at the schools where they have no proper access to the science centers. The following schools where the laboratories are managed.

  • Sangise school
  • Bhandgaon school
  • Ambvane school
  • Dhondegaon school (Near Nashik)

We provide the equipment’s and consumable for the laboratory and the laboratory is managed and administered by the schools. We further, have continuous monitoring of the functioning of the laboratory to ensure it is properly put into use.

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